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with help of AI

Lost in unintuitive data visualization applications?

Researchers waste time wrestling with outdated tools, incompatible formats, and static visualizations that fail to capture attention or communicate effectively.

Figlinq's GPT-4 AI Assistant helps you create pixel-perfect, impactful, interactive plots and figures that resonate with your audience.

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Fighting antiquated
data infrastructures?

We understand the struggle of working with modern data in complex custom workflows that often require experience and skills in programming.

Figlinq makes data management & preservation effortless, no code required.

Lacking resources for transition to more open & reproducible science?

Outdated methodologies, lack of standardized data structures and complex, time-consuming publication protocols stand in the way of truly open science.

Figlinq makes all your data, analyses, plots and figures accessible, reusable & open. Automagically.

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Meet your guide to smart & efficient data workflows

Our roots in academia and our partnership with Plotly, a leading data visualization expert, make us the perfect guide in your journey to efficient data management, visualization, preservation and reuse.

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Preserve your scientific legacy

Every discovery, every dataset, every paper you produce is a testament to your dedication and expertise and invaluable contribution to humanity. In a world overflowing with information, the challenge is to prevent your data from being lost and from losing its meaning.

At Figlinq we strive to protect and preserve your data legacy. Forever.

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Join the revolution and let your data tell its story!

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